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It's the weekend, TAY! Not only that, but for those of us who are state-side, it's Memorial Day weekend! So, of course, TUT is out in California this weekend hanging out with his friends and you all are stuck with me for at least one more day.


I have to admit, TAY, I did something kind of ridiculous yesterday. On the day after I got back from my trip, it started raining. But, of course, my little corgi had to go out at least once that day. I took him out despite the massive downpour, and as I felt the rain against my skin... I couldn't help but laugh. I was just laughing uncontrollably in the rain. There wasn't a particular reason; there was no funny story or anything hilarious about the rain—I just couldn't help but laugh. In a weird way, the rain felt... ticklish. I ran around, trying to hide from the relentless torrent of rain, but couldn't find any safety. I just laughed all the while as my dog stared at me with the most confused look on his face. You know, at least the most confused look possible for a dog.

When I finally made it back inside, I realized that that was possibly the most cliché thing I've ever done. For a few moments, it was like I was in the cheesiest B-movie available.

That's today's topic, TAY. Are there any clichés that you've participated willingly in? Are there any that you love more than others? Or, if you can't think of any, are there any that you absolutely hate? Let us know in the discussion section below.

Not one to keep up with clichés? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Saturday Open Forum is now open!


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