It’s a metaphor (it is also a lie, the screens are exactly the same size)
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I purchased my Switch in Feburary 2018, so I only have about a month with it. I overwhelmingly feel that I have just bought a fancy new version of my Wii U.

I cannot help but think if the Wii U had the full line-up of Wii U games as the Switch had during launch and immediately after (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda: Breath of the Wild,) it would have received similar praise to what the Switch received. I do not begrudge anyone who skipped the Wii U and now thinks the Switch is the most exciting console since the Wii debuted over 10 years ago, but I really think it shares 99% of its DNA with the Wii U. In terms of naming, it would have made a lot more sense to have named them Wii -> Switch (instead of Wii U) -> Switch U (instead of Switch.) Not that Switch U sounds any better than Wii U. I still have no idea what the U is supposed to denote.


What that all means is I think the Switch is great. It is also a great money sink. I knew it would happen, but once I had the console the accessories necessary have been eating my disposable cash ever since. I have spent nearly $600 on the whole endeavor, finding discounts on every individual purchase except for one, and own a total of 4 games, 2 of which I already own copies of for my Wii U. That seems crazy, but I suppose with inflation it is comparable to what we had to spend way back for all the other Nintendo systems and their accessories. I’m an old middle-aged man now!

I bought the Switch because of excitement for the Dark Souls port. I always wanted Dark Souls on the Wii U, and I think I will have been fully converted once it releases in May. The Wii U being but a fond memory at that point.

I am glad I purchased the Switch, even though it seems to negate the utility of my beloved Wii U. Coincidentally, the left analog stick on my Wii U Gamepad stopped working shortly after the Switch arrived. It was only a coincidence right?

Or was it a Funzo situation?
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Final note: I bought the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack ($40) and needed to add some 1/16" thick foam to get a tight fit ($20 to buy 33 ft roll that I needed 2 inches of,) but at least I have a hard travel case that fits a handheld grip attachment (which I think is necessary for large hands, or probably adult hands of any size.)