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TAY Theme Week: Nintendo Switch Is the Greatest Console of All Time

Glamour shot of the Nintendo Switch.
Photo: Amazon/Nintendo

The title says it all: Nintendo Switch is the greatest console of all time. No, I’m not just some fanboy about to spout overly biased praise. Instead I want to focus on one thing: possibility.

In the early days of video games, creators and publishers used the medium to hint that there was something greater beyond that which ended up on screen. As technology progressed, the game worlds became increasingly detailed, but there was always something else out there beyond gamers’ reach.

Consoles themselves, however, remained grounded. While they transitioned from dedicated gaming machines to all-in-one entertainment boxes, the definition of a console had stagnated. My PS4 is forever tethered to a TV set, just like my PS3 and my PS2 before that. Same goes for my XBOne and so on. Sure there were attempts to make console games more portable, but those all required another device to achieve, whether it was a PS Vita or laptop. Portable devices in themselves were also limited, with games that never carried the same budgets as their AAA console counterparts.


But the Switch changed that. At long last the full range of possibility of console gaming was realized, with one single system that can be played through a TV or taken on the go. This means games that feature the latest innovations in gameplay and narrative can be played wherever a gamer chooses. That’s a significant achievement that will hopefully redefine what people expect of a console.

The greatest games are not defined by their graphical fidelity, but by their gameplay, art direction, music/sound, and design innovations. I believe consoles should be treated the same way, and in this regard the Nintendo Switch is the greatest console of all time because it made the full potential of games fully portable. I look forward to seeing what else Nintendo has in store for us in year 2.


What do you believe to be the greatest console at this point? Let me know what you think!

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