I'm really feeling it!

It’s TAY Theme Week and I thought I’d try to help kick this puppy off with a ...bang...

“Borrowing Heavily” from a thing that Zarnyx did way back when (only mine will be FAR FAR lazier - seriously...did she enter in everyone’s answers herself? Nerts!) I present to you:

TAY Fan Fiction (Mad Libs)

The theme is love so why not have everyone write a beautiful love story about two random people they hardly know! WHAT BETTER WAY? We’re all progressive happy people here so if you feel the need to match Furby with Bear or Weirdo Shadow thing with Dragonstorm (WHY DID 2DS NEVER CATCH ON?) go for it!


For those that don’t know how to do mad libs:

  1. First write down whatever is listed.
  2. Plug in whatever you listed in order on the story.
  3. Done.

This is not very complicated, I promise.

So get out a sheet of paper or open up Microsoft word/notepad/what have you and write down...

When you’re done, click here to download the Mad Lib and plug in your answers. Copy/paste your story in the comments below and I’ll link them here like Zarnyx did.

TAYer #1:

TAYer #2:


Past Tense Verb:

Body Part #1:

Past Tense Verb #2:

A body of knowledge (eg, history, marine biology):

A class at school:

An incredible feat of skill - present tense (eg, hit ten bull’s eyes in a row):

Something you can read - include a/an (eg, a book, a website):

A supernatural creature:

A place you can go into - include a/an/the (eg, the forest, a library):

Method of personal locomotion - past tense (eg, walked, ran):

A large, tall object - include a/an (eg, a tree, a column):

Slow method of personal locomotion - past tense (eg, walked, crept):

An adjective:

Another Body Part (Body part #2)

Another Adjective (Adjective #2)

An object that has a noticeable smell (eg, orange, coffee, gym sock):

Something soft - plural (eg, marshmallows, feathers):

Adjective #3
3 fun activities - past tense (eg, went to the beach, saw a movie):




A fun activity you can do indoors - present tense (eg, playing a game, eating at a restaurant):


A Loud Noise:

A room:

A Vocal Noise #2:

A third body part (Body Part #3):

A fourth body part (Body part #4):

Another Smelly Thing:

Something most people do and take for granted (eg, take a bath, tie your shoes):

A past-tense verb (#PT Verb 3):

A body part (Body Part #5)

A vocal noise - past tense:

Another Adjective (adj #4)

Mad Lib Link


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