I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello everybody, welcome to TAY Time Chat! Your open forum between the Open Forum! I am your host Nach ^.^ Today I discovered a new part of my town of Sunrise, it turns out we DO have a place equivalent to Chinatown, actually it's a small shopping center with three different supermarkets, one is Indian, the second one is Chinese, and the third one is Italian, but most important is... there's a Dim Sum place... and I went and ate until I couldn't breathe, I had steamed pork with red bean, dumplings, steamed pork buns, noodle soup, there was another dish but I can't remember it right now... all in all it was a pleasant experience not having to travel for more than 20 minutes to find a good place to eat ^.^

Have you recently discovered a cool place my fellow TAYer Tots, Tottetes & Furbies?


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Nach's Song of the Day!

Gourmand Land, Darktoon Chase from the Rayman Origins Soundtrack composed byChristophe Héral & Billy Martin

Well I'm off to enjoy some of the sweets I bought (Mangosteen gummies FTW!), and then prepare dinner and stuff... but hey you know the drill we have the Open Forum and Question of the Day hosted by TUT (in lieu of TAY Classic's Off - TAYpic).

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