I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Every game has one, that last pain in the ass trophy/achievement. It may not be a hard one, but it is a long, tedious task, that just makes you groan before you’ve even really started. I’ve almost got Fallout 4 done, just two achievements to go. Getting lvl 50, and Benevolant Leader (100 happiness in large settlement). The lvl 50 won’t be too much of a problem, I’m lvl 48 already and farming settlement requests from Minutemen faction isn’t exactly fast, but it works. No its the BL achievement that’s got me annoyed. Its not for any particular reason, i’ve got 19 settlers at 90 happiness. But I just know that final hurdle is going to be a pain in the ass even if i do everything right because I have no faith that it won’t glitch or fuck up in some way (it is a bethesda game).

Whats the reason for potentially putting myself through this hell? Well I’ve spent way too much money lately, so in an attempt to stem the financial bleeding, and more fully completing games (as opposed to one and done assembly lining them) I told myself I don’t get to buy/enjoy Just Cause 3 until Fallout 4 is 100% (achievement wise, I’m not scouring every generic dungeon for every little misc quest).


Question of The Day: What’s that one trophy/achievement that made you go “ugh”, and why did you force yourself to get it?

Other contenders is full Sphere grid completion in FFX and full bestiery (including all oversoul versions) in FFX-2 (seriously, Fuck You Square Enix).

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Why FFVII remake will be episodic - Unsurprisingly the answer reeks of bullshit. The original FFVII takes me about 30-40 hours to beat I believe (I’m too lazy to check my file from earlier this year), The Witcher 3, a single release, took me almost 100 hours. SE could release it as a complete installment, they just don’t want to for some stupid reason

Song of The Day: Speaking of The Witcher 3, it took home GOTY at the recent award show, and frankly I can’t think of a game that has been more deserving in years, so lets enjoy something from its soundtrack.

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