Hello everyone and welcome to TAY Time Cat... erm I mean Chat! How has your week been so far? anything funny anecdotes? Nah nothing from me, focusing on surviving the latest heat wave that's been going on for the last 10 years in this city ^.^

So Jon Tron is back... Hurray! Actually I did enjoy his comeback video, it was more of the same, and more Jacques too! I love that bird... he ate a gyro, talked about games, and screamed, sang some songs... it was just like any other episode of JonTron ^.^

News Round Up!


Recommended View.

Apocalyptic film depicts the city of Paris sans les touristes! How I wish to be in Paris without the nuisance of millions of people trying to communicate with the French!


Well I'm off to eat some Thai food there's a food festival going on today... and Thai is always a good option ^.^, But remember Game Night is Tonight! Join us for some fun in Animal Crossing! In the meantime why don't you visit Astro at today's Open Forum and talk about swords and weapons! then you can visit the Off-TAYPic by Sylverfyst in TAY Classic. Mr. Irish Flowers AKA BattleBorn will be your host for tomorrow's 5 o' Clock(ish) news round up and SuperShuffle!