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The Graveyard Shift: Upgraded Tea

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Hello everyone, Nach here! I'll be upgrading TAY Time Chat to Graveyard Shift status for the moment... I'm just one dungeon away from finishing A Link between Worlds... and I dont want it to end =/ it's been so much fun and now it's almost over... Well it was fun while it lasted...

And you know... it always happens to me, I tend to neglect my games whenever I get close to the ending (even more if I get attached to the characters or the universe within the game) It happened with Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, Mario Galaxy... and the list goes on and on...

I just don't want to say goodbye... =/ It's like clinging to a doomed relationship...


Have you ever gotten too attached to a game to the point of not finishing it?

In other related Zelda news... I started playing The Wind Waker HD... THAT GAME IS FRIGGIN' GORGEOUS! I'm playing it right now with a friend taking turns every few minutes, we started the game in Hero Mode to experience a new perspective for an familiar adventure, and so far it's been super thrilling! Getting past the Forsaken Fortress made us more careful with our decisions, and a new-found hate for the rats that hit you all the time, taking half heart in the process!


*This section is brought to you by TAY Time Chat*

News Round Up!


Nach's Album of the Weekend!

Abbey Road by The Beatles

Haven't thought of any drink for the Weekend so it's time for some more Beer!



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