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TAY Time Chat: Welcome Home!

Hello everyone and welcome to TAY Time Chat! During one of my weekend escapades I went out to a friend's house to play some FIFA and talk about games and stuff, when the fun was over and the drinks were gone (H2O) we all parted ways, well actually my friend was dropping me back home...

... just before getting home there were three gentlemen holding their shotguns... and I believe that my reaction to scream "FLOOR IT!" was the right decision; after a couple of high speed recon runs I decided to shelter and try again later... I finally got back home at 4AM. Oh and I should add these three gentlemen looked way worse than the Hobo... like waaay worse.


News Round Up!

Song of the Day!

And with that said I'm off to try and get gain back my friends after ditching all of them cause I don't want to leave my house... but hey there were two Open Forums today, and well that was interesting, right? Almost as interesting as Fyst's Off - TAYpic in TAYClassic. Also here's to you TAY! Happy Holidays ^.^


Pardon the mess :3

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