Oh... hello there, is it time for me to start rambling about something and then add the TAY Time Chat tag? Okay 3, 2, 1 ... *Yawn*

Hello peeps welcome back to TAY Time Chat! So today I had the worst lunch ever! I mean it was like hospital food... but expensive! And I had to wait for an hour for the plate! I didn't take any pictures cause the plate actually looked alright, nothing special, but man did it taste horrible! The chicken had no salt at all... and the cream? Yuck it tasted like 2 month old Blue Cheese! It was a nightmare hopefully my dinner will be a different story...

News Round Up!


Nach's Song of the Day


Okay so... tomorrow... yeah it's IndigoAsh's turn to get your tea time news round up, I should go and add 6 more points of bouncy walk to team Light Brigadier! I'm so sleepy right now...