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TAY Time Chat: Time Management at its best!

Oh look at the time, the water is not ready for the tea, and the biscuits are flaky... Looks like I'll be running late again!

Hello Hello welcome to TAY Time Chat, what a wonderful Monday, eh? (said no one). And I just found out I have to go to the capital next week! Bleck if there's a hellhole bigger than Maracaibo it has to be Caracas... not only there's an ongoing rivalry between us and them... it's their accent! Oh man... the bloody accent... worst thing ever! it's like snotty meets bratty and pretentious! anyhoo is there an accent you really dislike?


News Round Up!


Nach's Song of the Day

Worst thing about this whole going to Caracas ordeal is... I won't be able to help my team mates destroy the Villains... and that accent, bleck!

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