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TAY Time Chat: Picard Explains It All!

Which words that could work as ingredients to make the best cup of Tea also rhyme with the word Tea? Wait what?! It's time already? Oh well time to have a regular cup of Hot Earl Gray!

Good afternoon my jolly good people at TAY! Welcome back to TAY Time Chat, please have a seat and a cup of Tea, as we discuss talk about the weekend and our plans for this week. First of all, I would like to make a small PSA, now now... I don't want to upset the admins around here so that's why I disguised it in the form of TAY Time Chat, the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection that reigned supreme during the era of the Wii and the DS, will be gone in the next 24 hours, so to those of you who haven't downloaded your free DLC offered in games such as the first four Layton games, then this is your last chance to do so...


Also here's a cool video I found while lurking for news ^^

News Round Up!

Song of the Day

A cover of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, as interpreted by the Swedish band, The Cardigans.

Now that I've got your attention you should check our other interesting posts around TAY and TAY Classic, if you feel like talking about anything then check out the Open Forum, and follow us on Twitter. Have a great week guys and gals ^^

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