I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hoo Boy! It was a great day today! Went to the grocery store, got lots of food, it’s a rainy day, Lucas is coming back and the weapon I’ve been looking forward the most in Splatoon will be live in five hours! Oh... yeah Welcome to TTC!

Hello there TAY, hope everyone is having a fine Friday, and if you aren’t, then just look at the bright side, in my case is that tomorrow is the grand final for the UEFA Champions League, in addition to the big final the Women’s World Cup starts on Saturday afternoon, so there’s plenty of football to keep me entertained. I’m also looking forward to try some granola bars I’m preparing tomorrow, I already have all the ingredients and my kitchen is ready for the challenge!


What about you TAY? Watcha looking forward to this weekend?

Bits & Bobs

Song of the Day

♪Even if you forget the small moles on my back and inner thigh ♪
♪ I’ll never forget you ♪
♪ In my lonely room, your wig weeps ♪
♪ Baby, believe me when I say don’t attach anything to the walls of this room ♪
♪ Like moles or wigs or wall staples ♪
♪ Ooh~ ooh~ oooooh~ ♪
♪ No~ wall~ staples~ ♪

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