I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’m sure upon release all reviewers signed legal documents requiring Ni No Kuni be described as “heartwarming” in various respects. Well not me dammit, I remain completely unphased by its childish visuals, whimsical designs, and warm colors. I SHALL NOT FEEL JOY AND HOPE AT THE WORLD, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. Also I don’t think it’s a very good game and the whole studio ghibli angle doesn’t really do anything for me.

*Boots up either Dark Souls 3 or Witcher 3*

Ahh, that feels better, death, despair, hopeless melancholy in spades.

Why yes I am on soul crushing overtime, why do you ask?

Question of the Day: When’s the last time you rolled your eyes at something just a little too sugary sweet and “uplifting”?


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