I'm really feeling it!

On a list of things I like I can’t say kielbasa, or saurkraut rank too highly, and yet i’ve got both (and a potato) in my fridge ready to go for tonight. Come Thursday I’ll have to make something that really starts the party, it’ll be the first 2 day weekend I’ll have had in probably 2 months. I also made some homemade brownies the other day and while they were good, I’m pretty sure they would sink in lead.

Today’s Question: What do you want for dinner tonight?

Only other thing i’ve got is the fact that Final Fantasy XV is having a big event tomorrow, I believe it is slated to have the release date announced. Now I just need the next witcher 3 expansion date released and I’ll be set.


Here’s the site for those interested: FFXV Uncovered

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