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TAY Time Chat: AHHHHHHHHHH Edition

Greetings fellow TAYers! I bid you welcome to the TAY Time Chat. Speak your mind, vent some work frustrations, or perhaps ease into a lovely evening with discussion amongst your peers. Your fate is your own here!

I thought I had my stuff together TAY, but today is not my day it would seem. Things started off rocky as I woke up only to realize I had missed my initial alarms, so I had to scramble. Naturally, while speeding to work, I got a text notification that I had forgot to pay rent on time. (Honest mistake, not a monetary issue.) Sweet, I’m sure they’ll manage to find a way to fine me for that later.


I managed to pull in to the parkling lot right at 8:58, and ran upstairs into our office. The morning’s email queue wasn’t terrible, and it seemed like things would be looking up, how naive of me. Only a few short hours later I’m suddenly stacked up with inquires and caseloads that I don’t know how to action yet (given I’m still relatively new), with both veteran co-workers out on lunch at the same time. I spent far longer than I should have trying to self-resolve the jobs, out of a sense of wanting to be self-dependent, but eventually I had to cave in all essentially all of my current pending cases for assistance from outside sources (and/or waiting for my co-workers to return from lunch).

Finally, at 2:15, I managed to get caught up on all of these random issues. “I can relax, eat some soup, and write the TTC for today” I thought. Nope, fun fact, Hot Soup + Jeans =/= Fun. To add onto that, LadyRer, a veterinary assistant, has a patient (Teacup Poodle) that needs someone to watch her for a few days while her owners are away. LadyRer asked me, and so now I get to be the dick to say “No” because it’s against our apartment policy and I just geninuely don’t want a dog in my apartment. So now, here I am, a frustrated, hungry, burnt-pants’d Rer. Critical Role is pretty much the only good thing I have to look forward to for the rest of the day, but now I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets randomly canceled out of thin air, or a key member can’t make it so they don’t do the main storyline.

I give up man.


3:30 Update - Spent an hour backing up a Database for an internal contact. I used the wrong database file to start.

Question(s) of the Month:

So you had a bad day, do you sing a sad song? Do you turn it around? Do tell TAY, how do you prefer to tackle having days that just seemingly went to shit?


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