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TAY Time Chat: All Hail Our New Snail Overlords

You may thing this post is 30 minutes late, but that just shows you’re still working on archaic “Human” time, rather than the pace of our glorious new leaders. When did I discover the truth of our new lords and saviors? when just walking from one building to the other at work I was forced to pass by a couple hundred of them on the sidewalk.

Seriously they’ve overtaken my work. there were about 4 snail orgies on my way to the cafeteria alone. I saw a toad and asked him why he wasn’t doing something about this, then he ate a cricket. I realized then that it was because our shelled benefactors controlled the toads.


Today’s Question: How will you venerate our gastropod gods when they come for you?

In other news I’ll be keeping my eyes glued to the finale of the dem primary. It’s gotten super Juicy thanks to AP throwing a truckload of gasoline and several crates of matches in to the mix.

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