Hello Hello everyone welcome back to the often neglected never forgotten TAY Time Chat! You might be wondering who the heck is this guy trying to shove another column through your pupils and into your brain? Well just don't ask too many questions I get anxious when being questioned by strangers! So the Holiday season is over (for me) and with that gone all the visitors are starting to flock away from my nest! Loved them but took way too much time from me... So I'm back to my usual routine I can finally breathe! And by that watch all the shows I can.... like Cowboy Bebop! With its amazing soundtrack, lovable characters, interesting concept and much more...

News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day

Hopefully TAY Time Chat won't go back into an unplanned hiatus in 2014, I would like to thank Astro and IndigoAsh for keeping it alive in my absence, but TAY Time Chat wasn't the only thing that came back in 2014, The Monday Brunch is alive, AFI plans to revive AniClub! So go check those two, and while you're at it talk about anything in The Open Forum or check TAY Classic!