I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So my project for the week has been to play the gears of war trilogy. I had played 1 many many times, being one of my favorite xbox exclusives, 2 not quite as much. I was very excited to play 3, and currently am (i’m on the final chapter or 2 in Act IV, good so far). Now some may have just gone straight to 3 as it was the unplayed, but I’m one of those people that must play things in their order of release when I do things like this.


When I decided to get in to the Prince of Persia Sands of Time Trilogy (amazing trilogy if you’re wondering) I beat Sands of Time, went to gamestop to get the last two, but they only had Two Thrones. I declined to buy it since they didn’t have Warrior Within. The employee mentioned that I didn’t HAVE to play them in order

Yes Gamestop employee 10 years ago, I must play them in sequence, for I am a man of civilization and order.

So unbreakable is this directive, that in order to bang Garrus in Mass Effect I started a brand new Shepard in Mass Effect 1

Today’s Question: What must you do in its logical order, Even when there really isn’t a reason to?

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