I'm really feeling it!

MY NESS AMIIBO HAS ARRIVED, he’s pretty fugly ^^

Hello TAY, how’s everyone doing on this lovely Monday? This morning I woke up to a lot of ruckus inside my house. It was crazy, a huge vibration coming off the AC furnace shook the whole house. I had to get off the bed and run to shut the whole thing off before something really bad happened, so once again we are without AC as the summer looms closer and closer...


In other news, I think I will stop my “Hype for Splatoon” ongoing joke, it started as something silly and then it grew out of proportion, you know, like real hype.

Bits & Bobs

Song of the Day

Breakfast on the Morning Tram by Stacey Kent

I think I found the perfect song. Usually I don’t care about a song’s lyrics, but this time I couldn’t resist.


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