I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Greetings fellow TAYers! I bid you welcome to the TAY Time Chat. Speak your mind, vent some work frustrations, or perhaps ease into a lovely evening with discussion amongst your peers. Your fate is your own here!

Recently I’ve been on a bit of an anime binge. Now that I’ve finally caught up on all my various shows I enjoy watching on YouTube, I figured it was time to branch out and give some other shows I had put to the wayside on Hulu a shot.


In particular, I watched all of Gate over the span of two days, and I definitely enjoyed it for the most part. The socio-economic & political issues that arise as a result of the plot are the most interesting part for me. In that sense it reminded me a lot of Log Horizon for those of you who are familiar with it. I always find the links between fantasy worlds and mundane things that we don’t really think about like trading principles, territorial disputes, etc. to be fascinating. It also certainly didn’t hurt that they had essentially half of an entire episode dedicated to an Apocalypse Now homage. I’m a sucker for good movie references, even blatant ones.

As of last night, I’m now half-way through Overlord which is similar in some ways to Log Horizon as well, but definitely much less socio-economic and more so the reverse, dropping principles of normal life in favor of fitting into a fantasy world. There’s an interesting dichotomy there.

The otaku-scenes involving scantily clad women or discussions of panties still make me take a long, sad sigh at Japanese culture, but that’s a conversation for another day I suppose. For these two shows in particular it’s never so bad that I’ve blatantly stopped watching... but I personally feel they’re entirely unnecessary. Anyways....

Question of the Week:

Any new shows/books/visual-novellas you’ve taken a new interest in so far this year? Do you have any plans on a rainy Sunday afternoon to finally go watch some series you’ve been putting off for awhile? The Wire, watch The Wire.


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**Friendly aside: Don’t search “Anime Cow” at work.

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