Oh hey everybody, welcome to TAY Time Chat!

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As you may or may not know, I'm a big comic guy— specifically DC (it me with all the flak you want over the re-re-re-re-re-un-boot, still love it)— and it gave me a fun idea for tonight.

A small explainer: Darkseid is one of the 'big bads' of the DCU and he's always trying to formulate the "Anti-Life Equation" which will allow him to, well, rule the universe / destroy what he wants. Not like he really needs it, guy is already a damn titan.

Anyway: in one panel, he's contemplating the equation and says something to the effect of "IT DOESN'T ADD UP" with his work on the blackboard behind him. SO I drew a quick mockup with a higher res one time for my own benefit, so I thought it'd be fun for everybody to make their own examples of anti-life equations.


What's your anti-life equation? What things add up to be the WORST?

Here's the asset (let me know if you'd rather one w/o the speech bubbles):


and then here's an example I made for PHC specifically awhile back:

Of course, y'all don't have to partake in my... elaborate activity... *sniff* (if nobody is around, I'll totally just reschedule this).


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