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TAY Time Chat: Avast Ye Dog! Edition

League of Legends has gone positively Piratey! So I figured I’d bring the same fun, grog, and swashbucklin’ attitude to the TAY Time Chat, mateys.

For those not in the League scene, essentially Riot released a fun pirate-themed event for everyone to partake in, regardless of if you’re a pro player or fresh on the boat, as it were. New map and character skins, new music & announcers, and soon even new game-modes (as sadly temporary as they are). It’s a very refreshing experience to old vets like myself, as any change of pace can keep a game I’ve played over 1,000 times, let alone recorded almost 300 episodes of, feeling exciting and different. New things are always fun, especially when they’re free! Thus leading me to topical on two fronts question...


Question/Game of the Day:

Did you ever pirate anything? C’mon, TAY’s a safe place, you can speak “on behalf of a friend” if you need to. LadyRer was a swashbuckler herself before she met me, but ever since I studied Telecommunications in college I’ve been a staunch anti-pirate. (That and, well, let’s just say “searching” for Batman: Dark Knight the week it came out was a stupid move for a “hypothetically speaking” younger Rer.) If ye did, why’d ye do it? The booooooty? Hehe.. booty. I’m not judging either way, I promise, just sparkin’ some good verbatin’ between lads and lasses.

Your Feeling Particularly Piratey Song of the Day:

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