I'm really feeling it!

I'm in an awfully jolly mood today it must be all the cookies I've been eating lately (sorry Cookie! I promise I will do something in the near future to share some with ya ^.^), or maybe all the gas fume I inhaled today, anyway, you know what I like to do when I'm like this? Play dark games that will depress me... hahaha not really, what I feel like playing is some Rhythm Heaven, sadly I don't have the game with me, and the next best thing is watching videos of my favorite rhythm games! but don't take my word for granted, let's watch some videos!

Just that first game with the monkeys and golf, it's so damn cute! but the game is not always this sweet, it starts slow, with some minor rhythm switches, and few distractions... little by little the game starts getting frustrating... and trickier!

But when it gets a bit too infuriating the game throws you a curve ball, like telling you "hey! don't hate me... I had to do this, here take this charming song to brighten up your mood"

Hehe, that's me donking it up! (Sorry Astro and Z!)

This game is almost perfect, cute characters, great music, monkeys, infuriating patterns, tap tap tap! OK! If you haven't played it you should give it a try!





Now this wouldn't be a TAY Time Chat without some news... so...

News Round up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

Manchester trio Doves bring us Andalucia, a sweet song that will cheer ya up ^.^

Quote of the Day.

"Sometimes you win by losing. Standard thinking said I was a loser; a man who couldn't make the grade at university; a quitter. (...) As it was, I had to open my eyes and look around; I had to be aware of what was going on around me."


- Shigesato Itoi on life =)

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