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Hello Everyone and welcome back to a resurrected version of TAY Time Chat (sorry about last week, this goes to all three TAYter Tots that follow us), you may be new around here and you might be wondering what is TAY Time Chat? What's the reason for all this? But most important do we get free candy from TTC? The answer to your last question is YES!


Regarding the other two questions, TAY Time Chat is a space for every TAYter Tot to hang around, it is a 5 o' clock(ish) news round up, but we also throw in a few songs and/or videos we find around the internet, maybe a long read, or a space to rant for a few minutes =)


Today's discussion is about chocolate coated sweets and love. Like how I much I love dried fruits coated with chocolate, I wish I could find raisins or prunes coated in white chocolate around these parts, sadly that isn't the case.

News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

Fa Fa Fa by Norwegian band Datarock

Well that's it from me, I should be getting some sleep, or eat something after these last few days of nonstop action... *Breathes* But... you should check other few cool corners around here in TAY, like the Open Forum, or the Off TAYpic by SylverFyst in TAY Classic. Oh and almost forgot... Astro (who I should thank for taking care of some "crabby" business while I was packing) will be back tomorrow for your free tea time(ish) news round up!


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