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TAY Time Chat: Back From the Dead pt. II

After a week long hiatus, TAY Time Chat is back, I'm pretty sure no one noticed ^^

Good Afternoon TAY! Sorry about not posting much during last week, between E3 and the World Cup (plus my brother's birthday and a disastrous cake), I really didn't have any time to focus on the mundane daily column :P


Anyway... let's talk about the weekend! On Saturday morning I headed out to Best Buy, to stand in line to try the new Smash Bros game, while waiting in line me and a bunch of strangers participated in Mario Kart 7 Tournaments and we even tried the Smash Bros Beta (Kirby Fighters). Also it rained like crazy, no surprise since the rain season has already started. Eventually me and a group of other 7 eager fans got asked to head into the store by the Nintendo representative, and after a small poll and shorter line under the AC we were asked to pick our characters. I finished dead last, but hey at least I broke the Smash Ball one second before the match ended, YAY for me! Also I got some Nintendo Swag ^^

Two hours and a second storm later I went back to Best Buy (I was already in the area buying gifts for Father's Day), I noticed the Nintendo Rep. was outside with the 3DS version of the game and asked him if I could try it, his reply was a resounding yes. Unlike UI's impressions, I thought the game looked pretty good on the portable but maybe the excitement clouded my vision... as soon as I finished the fight (and breaking the smash ball for a second time), I headed inside the store and reserved a copy of the 3DS version.

Rain + Smash Bros + More Rain + Smash Bros + Father's Day... That pretty much sums up my weekend, what about you TAY? Any interesting stories?


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