I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I love Uncharted, I honestly say its probably the best new console ip of the last generation. Drake’s Fortune is without a doubt rougher than its future entries, but its still a great and fun game. However DF is also what I consider one of the poster children for the fact that sometimes, higher difficulty levels don’t increase the challenge, rather they blow up all the game’s failings. Kamikaze enemies with ridiculous health, blind fire that isn’t blind (seriously drake still exposes like 75% of his body sometimes) and horrible horrible HORRIBLE enemy spawns. Every set piece in which enemies spawn behind you, or start off in a highly advantageous position becomes an lesson in patience and self loathing. “well if you moved up those behind spawning enemies wouldn’t be an issue”
“well uncharted, its a little hard to move up against 6 guys when 3 BULLETS KILL YOU”. Now I remember why I never beat Uncharted on crushing.

Question of the day: When has upping the difficulty on something (gaming or not) resulted in not more satisfaction and accomplishment, but rather just frustration?


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