I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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As I mentioned in the GY Shift last night, I had an interesting start to my work day by witnessing the start of a police chase. A motorcycle with a cop car behind him pulled in to the parking lot as if it were a regular stop. I looked away as to not be nosy, but then I heard the engine roar and looked up to see Mr. Biker haul ass through the lot to the other side. I guess he thought the cop slowing to turn, and the speed bumps in our lot, would give him the chance to get away. he didn’t, I know this because later 5 cops showed up and told me so when they spent an hour and a half scouring the front property for a bag of drugs they believe he ditched. They didn’t talk to me when they left so I have no idea if they found it or not. I could take a walk tonight and a hundred bucks or so of drugs tonight (doubtful).

In other news, today is Super Tuesday, so a large portion of America is heading to support their primary candidate. I’m not seeing any real surprises in store for today, Trump will probably lock down the most victories, further proving America has lost its fucking mind, and Sanders supporters will probably be extra belligerent so be careful in any gawker comments sections. But you know what would be really Super? if i could actually get a full 8 hours of sleep, back to bed I go.


Today’s Question: When’s the last time you’ve seen someone get, or about to be, busted by the po-po? Hopefully it wasn’t anyone you know, although I’ve experienced that a few times myself.

Interesting tidbits:

Playing your PS4 on your PC “soon” -this is one of those features I don’t see much of a point to, I already plop my PS4 on my desk and run it through my TV/monitor, but I’m sure there are people who will love this.

Grey hair gene possible found - See? you’re not old, just “genetically predispositioned” to look “mature”.

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