Hello everyone, welcome back to TAY Time Chat! Sorry about the delay, was preparing dinner... and eating it ^.^ Having done that it's time to chat! Ahhh Holidays... they're right around the corner and holiday shopping too... it is the time to avoid going to the malls, or supermarkets... as a mater of fact it's the time to stay at home and enjoy some time away from the madness. This Thanksgiving I'm staying in Florida, no Texas gathering for me this year.. so I proposed my brother this idea... let's have hot dogs as our thanksgiving dinner... either that or going to Costco and buy one of these...

News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

Waltz for Goddess by SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS

Nach's drink for the Weekend!


(Preferably cold ^.^)


If you want more TAY action, gather round the bonfire that is the Open Forum and talk about your last gen memories, or just talk about anything in TAY Classic's Off - TAYpic discussion hosted by Sylverfyst ^.^ I'll be off to continue my adventures round the Caribbean in AC4!