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I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: Catching Up!

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Hai TAY! Welcome to TAY Time Chat... woof it's been a while since the last time I hosted one of these!


So... the last month has been crazy! Some of you may not know the whole story but these last days have been a test for me. It all started two weeks prior to the end of August, I talked to an Uni representative regarding my documents and the status of my admission... in that conversation the rep told me that everything was A-OK and that I should expect some reply in the next couple of days. I waited, one, two, three days...

I decided to call them again cause there were only 10 days before the start of the Fall Semester. During that call I'm notified that my admission was never processed cause they were still missing my TOEFL scores (English proficiency test), a test I took... well a long time ago!


I kinda lost my marbles, I mean I kept my cool but I seriously had to change the tone of my voice, I went from super-cool-Nach, to not-so-cool-Nach. I mean that was the first requirement I had to turn in to be even considered a prospective student! As an international student I have to prove that I'm competent in English. Anyway, I tell the guy on the other side of the phone line, "well you should check better cause I called last week and you told me that everything was Okay", he left me on hold for about ten minutes and said "oh yeah I found them! Thing is... the semester is about to start, and the school already closed their admission process, so what about I put you in the list for the upcoming semester that starts in January..." =I


Long story short, I told them that it was not my fault that the department messed up my paperwork, and that I was expecting them to sort this out. Two hours later I received an email from the University telling me that I was ready to enroll in classes for the Fall 2014 Semester.

I was relieved... finally everything was coming together! But what I didn't knew at that time that this was just the beginning of something much, much bigger! But hey I'll save this story for another day, let's check our Thursday Round Up!


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