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TAY Time Chat: Catching Up (continued)

TAY Time Chat in the Tropics, now with 100% more humidity than before!

Last week I mentioned how the admissions department messed up my whole plan, and in the end they managed to fix up their mistake. But it didn;t turn out as easy as I thought it would be.


Now that I got admitted, I needed to wait for my paperwork to be processed and apply for a student's Visa. What is a student;s Visa? People who want to stay in the US in a nonimmigrant status, need to apply for a Visa, which is a document that states that you are legal to remain in the USA for a extended period of time. Anyway, I had three options to apply for my Visa, I could a) Go back to Venezuela and wait 60 days to get there, wait for my appointment, wait to get my passport back and then return to the states, b) Go to Mexico City, wait for my appointment and then return after a week, or c) Go to Nassau, Bahamas and get everything done within two days.

The semester had already started... so I obviously had to go with option C. All my documents were ready, and with all the fees in the process of being paid, I went on and booked a plane ticket to Nassau. My flight departed on Thursday, which was coincidentally the same day I made my appointment with the U.S. Embassy at Nassau. I got to the island, dropped my bags and got on the bus number 10 that would drop me right in front of the Embassy. I got there around 90 minutes earlier than my appointment said, but the nice guys working at the gate let me in without asking too many questions. Once inside the building I went through a series of interviews and background checks, I survived the first two interviews, there was one left, the one where things get rough! I hear my name being called from the small window labeled with the letter A.

I reply to each of the questions the agent asks, eventually he stops and in a harsh tone of voice asks me "Do you know that you need to have some relationship with the Bahamas to apply for a Visa ?" My heart stopped for a second, but I already knew what I had to reply to that answer. I quickly answer that due to time constraints and the irregular situation back in my home country, I cannot apply over there. The agent looks at me, looks at my documents... and says "Come back tomorrow at 1PM to pick up your Visa, but next time I don't want to see you here"

I breathed... and to celebrate decided to explore the island on foot, and of course treat myself with a hearty meal...


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