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TAY Time Chat: Chamomile ain't exactly tea...

Good afternoon TAY, time to relax, grab some chamomile and let all your worries fly away...

I was wondering TAY, last Tuesday Nintendo had a Direct full of great announcements and wonderful surprises, but you know what I didn't get to see... a reaction post about it. I mean yes we all talked about it a bit, but I don't recall seeing anyone rambling about how cool that Codename STEAM game looked, or how Splatoon is going to take over my life once it comes out next year, or how cute was Toadette in that Captain Toad gameplay trailer <3. Iunno... it may be just me... but if you feel like talking about it, then go ahead and do so.


PS: You can also discuss Blizzcon, like saying how Overwatch looks kinda cool, but don't mention it to Unimplied!

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