I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So my tabletop group has been doing this thing where we've been trying to find songs that fit our characters and it got me thinking of what other characters' songs might be. So for today's activiTAY, pick one of your favorite characters and then find some songs that you think fit them! I'll put the songs for my character down in today's Songs of the Day. If you've been reading my Spacemon series they might make sense. :P


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Songs of the Day

The Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage

Wombat Astronaut (Beyond the Burrow) by Plini

Stay With Me (Unlikely) by Celldweller

Reflections from Pokemon Reorchestrated's Double Team!

Blast off to Nowhere by Powerman 5000 featuring Rob Zombie

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