I'm really feeling it!

Hi everybody and welcome to Friday's TAY Time Chat! Allllllllllll aboard! We're departing from Lumiose Station and will be arriving in Littleroot station in approximately 6 months!

So if you weren't like me and living in a different world for the past few days, you may have seen that Nintendo have announced remakes of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. They're not even my favourites! I get too excited when a Pokemon game is announced. Gimme dat Mega Swampert with Sap Sipper!


[Trumpets Intensifies]

Did You Know:

Super Shuffle!

AKA...What A Life - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When Good Heists Go Bad - Malcolm Kirby Jr

Pride(In The Name Of Love) - U2

Flashing Lights - Kanye West

One More Time - Daft Punk

Ride Of The Valkyries - Richard Wagner

Butterflies & Hurricanes - Muse

Baghdad - Knife Party

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