I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: Confession Time

Good afternoon TAY, it's friday! Time to rejoice and think about all the things we won't do during the weekend!

There's a dark secret within me TAY, I have to admit it before the guilt consumes me! I thought I was a genuine fan of the Zelda series... but there's one game I have not played! Nope it's not Zelda II nor Minish Cap, it is the unloved offspring of the DS era, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Back when the game was announced I was super excited about it, cause like any other five year old, I love trains! No surprises there... I do behave like a child more often than not ^^

News Round Up!

No super shuffle today... just come up with your most hipster-esque playlist and you'll end up with a selection of songs similar to a potential super shuffle by Nach ^^


Thanks everyone! Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and be sure to check out some of TAY's other great features:

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