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So I got caught super busy by an incredibly struggle-busing client at 4:40 and totally forgot I'm in charge of this bad boy on Thursdays now. My bad Nach, let you down senpai. Upside, here in the states it's Presidents' (President's?) Day on Monday and evidently I get to celebrate that with a day off.

This is particularly nice for me because I now get to party-hardy with a former roommate of mine on Sunday who is moving clear across the country next week. He's pursuing a dream of his and I'm really happy for him, but I already know I'm gonna miss him. We never really hung out too often, but when we did it was nice. This weekend will be bittersweet to say the least.


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A fitting song for being late and a certain game coming out tomorrow:

Again my bad folks, I'll be on my a-game next week!

So Question of the Day: Do you have any friends or family that have moved away that you miss a lot? Was it hard for you to deal with at first, or were you already mentally prepared for it?

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