I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello TAY and welcome to your Monday Edition of TAY Time Chat!

First off, my apologies for missing last week. I had a reminder set and everything but I got wrapped up in an almost four hour study session for a homework assignment and didn’t remember till it was too late. Sorry! But this one I’m working on at 3 AM the night before cause I’m up doing work anyways! But once again I will be in a study group but my handy laptop will be with me. Multitasking!


But yeah, this is my last full week of classes. Next week starts Thanksgiving Break midweek and then when we come back it’s finals time so it’s crunch time. Maybe a few of you are also in the same boat. If you are, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I find myself pretty much just playing Threes! when I get a chance cause having any real game time in front of my TV is a joke.

So, for today’s topic: Show me some of your recent gaming screenshots! I’m jonesing TAY. SHOW ME SOME GAMING GOODNESS!!! The header image is actually one I took from Forza Horizon awhile back. The base blue is the color of my ‘01 Mustang, but I would like to add the white racing stripes because it’ll make my car go faster.*

Or, you know, just Talk Amongst Yourselves.


*Of course this is not true. But it would at least look cooler in my mind.



Video of the Day: Bit Brigade Plays Metroid (NES)

BONUS: Shinin’ (Extended Version) from Lumines

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