I'm really feeling it!

Buenos dias children! Welcome back to TAY Time Chat, your daily 5 o'clock(ish) News Round Up. Today I will talk about the benefits of going to Miami, like for example the sandwich above and that's about it... like for example today I ate a cuban sandwhich in exchange for two lanes closed in a three lane highway... my route changed from FFXIII to Lost Woods, bless the monkeys working in Miami roads and highways :3


News Round Up!

Nach's song of the Day!

In the spirit of the season I present you Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Spooky Scary,

Boys becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves

Well that's it from me... I have to eat something cause I ate that Cuban Sandwich 6 hours ago... But hey go check why Astro hates me so much in today's Open Forum, or go visit the fabulous Sylverfyst in TAY Classic's Off-TAYPic ^.^

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