I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Cats. I fucking love cats. Cats and games? Even better. Meet Space Commander Idgie and First Lieutenant of Laziness Theo. They used to just be LadyRer’s cats, but now they’re also my cats, and therefore, they are gamer cats. Need a warm lap buddy on those cold nights of Skyrim? Cat. Trying to pull off the wombo-combo in League of Legends and need someone to make you accidentally flash before-hand? Cat has you covered. Accidental Alt/F4s? No worries, it’ll be puuurfectly executed.


Idgie will actively follow my screen when I’m playing Hearthstone, her little head bobbing along as I swoosh cards around the screen. When I play League, Theo will actually paw at my character on the screen, because hey that shit is moving man.

So yea, maybe cats aren’t the best gamers, but they do make the gamer experience certainly more interesting. Except when Theo knocks over my speakers, then Theo just sucks.


Not Everything Involving Cats on TAY Today:

CATS? CATS. Question of the Week:

Do you like cats? More cats or less cats? Cats, right? God I love cats.


*It’s National Cat Day.

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