Ugh, I'm running behind, TAY. I still need to get ready to go be places—places I need to be at in like an hour (two hours before this post goes up). Still haven't gotten prepared or fed the animals or anything, so that's pretty awesome. I may just have to put off some of the stuff I was going to do until tomorrow—like grocery shopping. Sorry grocery shopping, I keep putting my other friends above you.

At the very least I got my schedule for classes this semester worked out perfectly. I haven't had a consistent schedule in ages, but it looks like this semester I'll get one. It's going to be roughly noon to five every day, which, if I do say so myself, is a pretty nicely shaped schedule. Plus it gives me plenty of times for panic-filled study sessions in the morning before class and gives me time to read the junk I need to in the afternoon.

Even with the decent schedule, I still feel like an extra hour in the day would be incredibly welcome. Last semester I think I had an even better schedule than this one, but I still managed to have a hard time to do everything I wanted. There were still days I had to put off cleaning the house, hanging out with friends, or giving Ein a much needed bath (that little guy loves to be filthy).

Anyways, since I'm running out of time today, I'm just going to post the articles I gave a glance today.

Article Round-Up:

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