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TAY Time Chat: Dead Tired

This has been one hell of a busy week so far. I'm dead tired right now. If I don't reply it probably it means I fell asleep while studying for my exam tomorrow. I've had too many late nights working and early mornings for class. I am really paying for putting things off to the last minute. I am very much looking forward to next week when I won't have so much stuff going on. I'm going to do so much sleeping over the weekend!

No links today. I'm sorry I'm too tired.

News and Stuff

  • Stuff happened
  • There was an election yesterday or something
  • Insert something newsworthy here

Today on TAY

  • Oh hey TAY finally got the new Kinja sidebar
  • Somebody wrote an article, maybe
  • DS's TAY Time Chat was kinda lame this week

Songs of the Day

Bled For Days by Static-X

Times Like These by Foo Fighters

The Seven Sisters by Celldweller

Fountain of Dreams from the Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl OSTs

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