I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So this happened. Ugh, fellow TAYers lend me your ears. #NotAllHoosiers has never been more needed than now. Just because I live in this back-water conservative era of government doesn't mean I support it. I think I speak for all TAY Hoosiers when I say that I stand for an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming state. Indiana has failed in a way that TAY has succeeded time and again. What we have here is special, and this should be a reminder that we should never take it for granted. So I want to thank you all for that.


Like all things, justice and equality takes time. Specifically in America there are many notable moments in history of set-backs. At the same time, we also have made massive strides towards true freedom. One day I just hope that my America can be like our TAY: a safe place for individuals of all types, like minded or not, to come forth, have civil discourse, and respect each other for who we are. Thanks for your time, and please dear god feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves about something happier (or how this is bullshit, that's fine too).

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Shame, we all feel it. Can you remember a point in your gaming career where a game made you feel shame for committing an action, or you felt shame for doing something you weren't supposed to with a game? (Exploits, hacks, toxicity,

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