I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Well, my boys are out of the League of Legends World Tournament. CLG dropped all three of their games today, prompting the Flash Wolves to overtake them in position (they actually went on to win 1st Seed in the entire group)! CLG had some rough performances today, but I still will root for them to years to come. Being a fan of particular eSports teams can be hard to explain: some folks are in it for the personalities, others for awe inspiring mechanics or team-play, and others just because they have a cool logo. I don’t judge.

Rivalries form, memes are made, and dreams are fulfilled or shattered. Being a fan of that tends to get you really hyped up or really bummed depending on the outcome. Though everyone who is a CLG fan knows:

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The same can be said of YouTube/Twitch/Azubu/Internet celebrities. We all have our own preferences and things that we passionately follow as fans. eSports aside I love folks like Quill18, Day[9], the Game Grumps, etc. It can be interesting to see what others are fans of too! Here at TAY I can talk Grumps with folks like SupremeEvan, and also marvel at how passionate Nach is about squid kids, or see the cool GIFs that appear from Animes I’ve never even heard of. It’s pretty awesome just how diverse we all are from one another, yet we’ve got the common bond that is TAY. :D

People are fans of these things on TAY Today:

*Blows annoying Soccer Trumpet Thing* Question of the Week:

What are you guys big fans of? Let’s focus on Teams, Celebrities, Groups, etc instead of a particular game or game genre, but if you had a group of awesome Gundam guys/gals that you enjoy following for example, that counts! Heck, throw in Sports teams, or other fandoms you can think of!


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