I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Alright, we all know that almost none of you are really here and I’m just talking to a mostly empty room because a vast majority of people are playing some game called Fallout 4. Even my local morning radio talk show had to give time to Fallout 4, reporting it as trending on social media as the most anticipated game of the year (incorrect as that was Witcher 3 and anyone who says otherwise is dead to me).


I haven’t personally gotten far enough to make any real judgement on it, but seeing as Bethesda is basically the $10 Chinese All You Can Eat of gaming: decent enough quality, focus on quantity, and leaving you feeling full of both joy, regret, and far too much food, I suspect I’ll end up happy enough with it.

But lets throw a bone to all the non Fallout fans out there and get some other topics going


Question of the Day: What are you doing today that doesn’t involve the thing that starts with F and ends with 4?

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Song Of The Day

Say what you want about the game, that violin fucking kills it in FFXIII’s battle theme.

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