Good afternoon TAY, The storm didn’t kill me... In reality, I killed the storm! Let’s rejoice, come have a cup of spiced tea!

This is the story of an unfortunate loser who decided to download Shovel Knight a year ago when it was on sale at the Wii U eShop. This loser that we’ll call Knack, wanted to love the game, but there was a huge issue, he likes to use the A button to jump, Shovel Knight had the controls set to jump with the B button. Knack tried with all his might to play the game, but as he tried to jump over a ditch he hit the A button... and fell down the hole. He ragequitted and tried to change the controls but there was no option available. In his despair he tweeted angrily at the developers of the game, to ask for a solution.

One year later, this loser is finally playing Shovel Knight, using the A button to jump.

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I may be playing Shovel Knight, but that doesn’t mean I’m over my Kid Icarus: Uprising fever!