Hello everyone welcome back to the PokéWeek of TAY Time Chat! So does anyone knows what was that song that Link used to play in MM to make the time jump forward? I need it... cause time is not going fast enough over here! And I needs it!

Not related to Pokemon, I'm on the third episode of Bakemonogatari... and umm dunno apart from the visuals which are heavily inspired on minimalist graphic design (or that's what those books taught me a long time ago), the plot is just okay... well the characters are kinda interesting but nothing has hooked me up yet.

News Round Up!


Nach's Song of the Day!

It's a double scoop of Vanillish today, (or a Vanilluxe) with Bastille Day by Rush

and The Holy Drinker by Steven Wilson

Well I'm off to sleep(?), cause the time won't go fast if I stay around awake looking as Time Flies. Remember Game Night is Tonight! and if the GTAV servers won't cooperate we'll be having showdowns in Chuparosa and Neryl will be singing songs from Tenacious D whenever TUT start climbing that bell tower is the main course for tonight, just remember you don't want to be paired against Neryl and TUT. In the meantime why don't you visit Astro at today's Open Forum, she came up with a very interesting topic today ^.^ (nope I'm not fat... just a bit chubbier!). There's also The Off-TAYpic in TAY Classic by the fabulous Sylverfyst. Mr. Irish Flowers AKA BattleBorn will be your host for tomorrow's 5 o' Clock(ish) news round up and SuperShuffle!