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Tay Time Chat: Don't be a slacker.

Welcome to Tay Time Chat. Kick back, pour yourself a drink and relax with your fellow TAYer’s as we discuss mattes of great importance. Or we may just argue about Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord or not, that sounds more fun.

Welcome to the Tay Time Chat. I’m covering for Ceberet this evening. I just like to help out where I can. This certainly isn’t part of any kind of insidious plan to take over Kinja one column at a time. Nope.


Now who here has been a slacker? We’ve all done it and there’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes you need to just take is easy for a day and chill. There’s not just slacking off from work or school however. We sometimes slack off when it comes to buying something, thinking it will be around forever, until before we know it, it’s out of print.

So those are today’s Tay Time Chat questions.

1.When was the last time you just slacked off?

2. Was there something ie game, movie, tv show or anime, that you held off getting and is now impossible to get or is very rare and exepnsive?

If neither of those topics interest you, well then just discuss whatever you want you little anarchist you. No walls will keep you bound and restricted, show us your free spirit.

Here is what TAY has to offer today.


Today’s song is “Hello Shooting Star” by the J-Pop group Moumoon. It’s the closing theme from the first season of Assassination Classroom. It’s become my end of cardio slow jam at the gym, it makes for great music for the last five minute cool down period.

That’s all for me. Have a great night everyone.

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