I woke up this morning at around 4:45, and couldn’t make myself go back to sleep. After a few random talks with people who were either getting up to go to work or who were also having issues sleeping, I finally gave up on the idea of getting back to sleep altogether and just decided to start my day early. I tried to wake Ein up to join me, but he didn’t seem that interested—at least, until I started to open the back door, and then he seemed all too eager to get the day started.

The moment I let him out the door and he started to do his thing in the yard, a rather large family of deer ran across the yard. I had to run out and grab Ein by the collar to make sure he didn’t try to chase after them, but even still, it was a pretty neat way to start the day. It’s not just any old day that you see that many deer—especially not in your back yard. Nature can be cool sometimes, especially when Ein isn’t allowed to ruin it.

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