I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The other day, I made a little calendar that would tell me when all the games that I was interested were coming out. I double checked it after I was all done and it seems like from this Friday onwards, it's just going to be a constant stream of high-profile games—maybe once every two weeks or less. I'm not sure my funds can handle it—I'll probably have to give up a few titles.


I did manage to finish that Phoenix Wright DLC a little bit earlier than I thought I would. That entire case was... bizarre. Remind me if I ever start up my own law firm to never defend orcas in court. Either way, I'm pretty hyped for Layton vs Wright this Friday; it sure took its time coming across the pond. Luckily, it still came out at a great time of the year and it'll be the perfect way to spend the long weekend.

We can do parody articles, right? I'm okay at finding those.

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