I'm really feeling it!

Heya TAY and welcome to another Monday Edition of TAY Time Chat, where the talk is cheap but Kinja is even cheaper (and it shows).

I’ll keep this brief though as I’m currently on my way back to school from my extended weekend. That MLK Jr., great for an extra day off (and some other incredibly important stuff. Google him).


Spent my weekend hella busy with friends, helping people move, seeing family, meetings, fraternity brothers, and my car goofing up. The header image being from my Kirino throwing a fit as I hit the road and tried to leave just a few hour’s ago.

So TAYers, have a good weekend? Did ya see some snow like I did? Do you have an extra day off or is it just a regular Monday for ya? Whatever the case, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!

Today’s Tune:

Mi Corazón - Murs

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